"Hang out, stay a while and be happy."

Nestled between the Annex and Tourist Home is The Yard - a sprawling 3200 square foot hang out area with custom built tables and umbrellas, fire pits, game areas, a service window into the Annex and a live entertainment area that was once a historic Basque handball court, now turned performance area. 
Downtown Flagstaff is known for its cool outdoor places and so we wanted to bring that vibe to our restaurants. It falls in line with the purpose of
our restaurant group THAT Place Projects; we create places that you love. Enjoy the seasons, make memories and enjoy life. Find yourself. Taste new foods and hear new sounds and be happy.
We want The Yard to feel like your outdoor living room you share with people you love. 


50 S. San Francisco Street

Flagstaff, Arizona 

Tel:  (928) 779 - 2811

Open for dine-in

everyday @ 11am 

close @ 9pm Sun - Thurs / 11pm fri - sat

follow us @annex_cocktail_Lounge