A pizza man and his buds walk into a bar...

"What I love about Flagstaff so much is time with friends," says Pizzicletta owner Caleb Schiff who recently spent the evening taking his buddies to his favorite places in Flagstaff.

What we love about Caleb (other than the fact that he chose Annex to bring his buds to) is how passionate he is about what he does, and the camaraderie that can develop between restaurant owners. Truly gracious and talented, Caleb is a self-taught chef who is single-handedly redefining bespoke pizza making in Flagstaff. Spawning from a love of bicycling and referencing the Italian word for bicycle, Pizzicletta captures Caleb's love of pizza refined after taking a 1,600-mile bicycle tour through Italy and then building a pizza oven in his backyard.

He recently stopped by Annex (after visiting Dark Sky Brewing and Brix) with two of his best friends, Brian and Dustin to enjoy some artisan cocktails by our Chief Mixologist and Co-Owner Nick Williams.

"Showmanship of bartending was on display here," said Caleb in this video story airing on Expedition Foodie Arizona. The love and appreciation for good food and quality ingredients are what bonds many in the restaurant business who look at one another as colleagues, not competitors.

We're so thankful for Caleb's friendship, and we appreciate being a part of this great story,

we think you'll enjoy it as well.


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