Every cocktail is a story.

In keeping with our promise that every cocktail is a story, we envisioned telling our story in unique ways and in unexpected places. Here our design team came up with a way to tell our stories that you can enjoy if you happen to look under your glass. These coasters will be coming soon and they are part of a series. As the best bar and lounge in Flagstaff we want to find ways to surprise and delight you. Well, as long as you're sober. Then the storytelling is up to you. And sometimes it's a heck of a tale. Hahaha. -Nick.

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50 S. San Francisco Street

Flagstaff, Arizona 

Tel:  (928) 779 - 2811

Open for dine-in

everyday @ 11am 

close @ 9pm Sun - Thurs / 11pm fri - sat

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