​The craft cocktail menu at the Annex Cocktail Lounge is designed to rival any cocktail bar in San Francisco, New York, or any city in between. Our process of research & development is second to none, and our emphasis is on telling a story with each sip. The care and precision that goes into creating each one of our cocktails tells the story of our passion for libations, and our love for providing each guest with an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.


Annex Shandy

pilsner, vodka, lemonade

Grapefruit Shandy

ipa, gin, grapefruit

Mexican Shandy

mexican lager, lime, vodka


Divine Comedy (non-alcoholic)

seedlip garden, elderberry balsamic, lemon,

mint, ginger beer

For the Love of Willadean (low abv)

basil eau de vie, blanc vermouth, dry vermouth,

watermelon, bubbles

Spirited Away (low abv)

vodka, bianco vermouth, blanc vermouth,

lychee, lemongrass

The Other Side of Tulum

blanco, tequila, mezcal, coconut water, lime, caramel,

honey, vanilla

Seven Wonders

bolivian brandy, fennel, honey, heather, lemon, soda water


Bicycle Thief

reposado tequila, amaro, grapefruit, lime, cinnamon

Brazilian Novelist

aged cachaca, lime, creole shrubb, guava, cinnamon

Short King

jamaican rum, pear brandy, chartreuse, lime, macadamia

The More You Know

japanese whiskey, peated scotch, strawberry shrubb, pineapple, lime, banana

Summer in Siam

old tom gin, blanco tequila, kaffir lime leaf,

coconut cream, aquafaba

Dharma Bum

Oloroso sherry, carribean rum, venezuelan rum, banana, ristretto, pineapple, lime


City Lights

venezuelan rum, jamaican rum, highland scotch,

bianco vermouth, amaro, oloroso sherry, cinnamon smoke

One Way Ticket

silver cachaca, mezcal, oaxaca rum, sour apple,

blanc vermouth

Steel Magnolia

bourbon, islay scotch, honey, orange peel, absinthe

The Don

wheated bourbon, oloroso sherry, islay scotch, overproof rum, licorice, honey, cigar smoke

La Vie en Rose

california gin, old tom gin, blanc vermouth, rose

Roll the Dice (barrel-aged)

islay scotch, amaro, antica vermouth, marasca cherry, cacao